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Group Info Group Founded 3 Years ago Statistics 276 Members
5,984 Pageviews229 Watchers
Featured: Contest Winners AKA closed unless we invite
L: Artwork/fics of L
Beyond Birthday: Art/fics of BB
Near: Art/fics of Near
Mello: Art/fics of Mello
Matt: Art/fics of Matt
Group: artwork featuring 2 or more Wammys
Arts and Crafts: Plushies, shirts, socks, clay, etc. of the Wammys
Cosplay: Cosplay of the Wammys
Fanfics: Fanfics of 2 or more Wammys
Contest Entries: entries
OC's wammyocs But not yet.

Plus I promise we're working on something for you guys! Stay Wammy.

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Welcome to Wammy's!


:iconrainbowlplz::iconsaysplz:Hello. This is L. Welcome to Quirky Geniuses.

:iconrainbowbbplz::iconsaysplz: HAI! I'M BEYOND BIRTHDAY, the much hotter and cooler verison of L Lawliet! HERE ARE THE GUIDELINES TO QUIRKY GENIUSES!

:bulletred:You can join (that's right YOU!) can join by simpling clicking the "JOIN OUR GROUP BUTTON"!
:bulletorange:You can suggest someone else's art as a +Fave BUT DO NOT OVERDO IT!!!!!
:bulletyellow:Yes, yes. Yaoi and Yuri are allowed. GIVE SOME HETRO-PAIRINGS LOVE TOO YA KNOW!
:bulletgreen:No hating on any of the other members or the me, L, and the sucussors.
:bulletblue:Listen to all of us! WE ARE LAW! If me, L, Near, Mello, or Matt see you doing something not acceptable by US!we will issuse a warning. Second time you do something NAUGHTY! you will be put on probation (no submitting anything!) and the third time you will be kicked out of the group. QAPESH!? Kya heheheeheheheheh!
:bulletpurple:Please don't just watch us, JOIN!!!!!!!

:iconrainbowmelloplz::iconsaysplz: Melz here. >:] Listen up if you want to get in good with this club. Follow the following submission rules, or else I'll have to reject your artwork.

Submission Guidelines

:bulletblack:Follow dA polices and rules when submiting artwork.
:bulletblack:Only art consisting of L, BB, Near, Matt, and me (Mello) are allowed. Other characters may appear but the submission must focus on us. We're cool like that. :]
:bulletblack:Fanfictions, Cosplay, Arts and Crafts, etc, are all excepted.
:bulletblack:Please only submit a maxium of 3 per day. Too many submissions can be overwhelming.
:bulletblack:Please submit to the right folder!

:iconrainbowmattplz::iconsaysplz:Hey, this is Matt here to tell you some basic rules for the contests that'll be held in this group. We begin with:

:bulletred:Please don't start submitting art that has nothing to do with us wammys (Mells, Near, and myself), L, or that psycho BB. That is unless we state otherwise ;-)
:bulletred:No entering more than 1 piece per each one of you little deviants.
:bulletred:None of the art has to match any storyline unless we give you guys one. So make like Sephiroth and GO NUTS!
:bulletred:And last but not bashing me for that corny sephiroth joke! K? Thx, Seeya!
:bulletred:P.S.:The winners of our contests get to be placed on a nice shiny pedestal called "Featured" on our main page! Nice hm? Not as good as bragging rights to the fact you own nearly every original atari game in existence (which I do) but's not for me to say. later!

:iconrainbowlplz: and :iconrainbowbbplz: (aka Cupcak3Bby) :pointr: Incharge of invites/join requests and Affilations.
:iconrainbownearplz: (aka LatinaQueen22) :pointr: Incharge of publicity!
:iconrainbowmelloplz: (aka MoonAndMikella) :pointr: Incharge of submissions and favorites.
:iconrainbowmattplz: (aka kitti-kat09) :pointr: Incharge of Contests.








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Assassinforhire2 Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Would anyone like to roleplay? Seriously, I need to roleplay! I have only been able to once and I really want to do another! Anyone?
Chaderella21 Sep 7, 2012  Student Photographer
Hi I'm Chaderella
mellofangirl92 Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
how do you make a group?
Yeeeey! 8D Finally a place where I can fangirl over all of the above. XD No more having to pick and choose. :iconhappyhappyplz:
I like my Geniuses... QUIRKY!
Cupcak3Bby Aug 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL Well then this is the place to be~
I like my Quirks...genius-y! Yea~
Sofiz-Jackson Jun 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist

Okay I'm joining. You had me at RAINBOWS *U*
Cupcak3Bby Jul 2, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am glad :3
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